Heroes of FC Barcelona - Johan Cruyff

Heroes of FC Barcelona - Johan Cruyff

Heroes of FC Barcelona - Johan Cruyff
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Fans of FC Barcelona remember Johan Cruyff as both a club player in the 1970s and the longest-tenured and most successful manager in the club's history.

Cruyff started his football career with Dutch club Ajax, where he joined on his 10th birthday and made his debut in 1964 at the age of 17. The following season, his 25 goals helped Ajax win the league title.

The 1966/67 season was even better for Johan Cruyff; not only did Ajax win the league again, but Cruyff also ended the season as the top scorer in the Dutch league. With a total of 33 goals, he was named Dutch Footballer of the Year, an accolade that would be carried over the next two seasons.

Cruyff, who moved to Barcelona in 1973, quickly won over Catalan fans, saying Real Madrid were never to his credit for his partnership with Franco. In his second season at Barcelona, ​​they humiliated Real Madrid 5-0 at the Bernabeu for their first league title since 1960. During his time at Barcelona, ​​he was named European Player of the Year twice in a row.

Johan Cruyff, who moved to the United States in 1979 at the age of 32, played just one season with the Los Angeles Aztecs before playing for the Washington Diplomats. He returned to Spain at the start of the 1981 season, playing for Levante before returning to Ajax. However, in 1983, Ajax failed to renew the contract and instead signed Ajax's rival Feyenoord, helping Ajax win the Eredivisie championship.

After the player retired, he started Cruyff's coaching career at Ajax, but the peak of his coaching career was Barcelona, ​​​​where he returned in 1988.